Sunday, March 01, 2009

Alias Empire

Alias Empire were previously known as Dry County. Their name change was announced a while back and I didn't mention it, but now they've launched a full website with a login feature which allows you to download a free EP of remixes by the band and some other noise makers.

Alias Empire - Another Idea (Philth and Seki Remix)
Alias Empire - Attention (Klass of 83 Remix)
Cars In Walls feat. Nina Hynes - Coffee Cup (AEmix)
Alias Empire - Delayed By 5 (Back Forwards Remix by Nina Hynes)
Alias Empire - Delayed By 5 (Indefinately AEmix)
Messiah J and the Expert - The Boys Have Had Enough (AEmix)

Whilst you're downloading the Zip file of tunes you can spend some time plaing their version of arcade classic 'Space Invaders' - 'Empire Invaders'.

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