Friday, December 12, 2008

UK Music Copyright

Everyone in Dodgy Stereo has been working with music since they were teenagers. When we were young getting a record deal was a shared dream. We were trying to help each other get closer to making that dream come true. We made tapes and CDs and sold them to cover the manufacturing costs, and we gave them to friends and journalists hoping they would spread the good word.

As we all know, things have changed since then. They're still changing, and quite where they're going isn't settled. There are numerous experts (both given titles by companies and self-professed) giving their opinions and predictions. Some seem reasonable. Others, less so.

I read with some interest and concern the following articles, which relate in some form to the speech given by Feargal Sharkey a few months ago.

The comments sections provide some extra points worth considdering. This is a debate which (despite not being a REALLY important life and death issue) obviously has plenty of life in it. Let's swap information about it. Help one another to understand who is going to benefit and/or suffer from changes to the law or a lack of.

Have a look at the video ( of John webster (head of music managers forum) and Andrew Gowers (consulted in the government study). Its in part 3 at 12:05.

Here are some further links to sites which were mentioned in the articles..
UK Music - "Upfront and Ruthlessly Independant"
Featured Artists Coalition - "campaigns for the protection of performers' and musicians' rights."
A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace by John Perry Barlow.
Live Music Forum - campaign for live music
Find Your Talent - a programme giving all children five hours-a-week contact with art and creativity.

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