Friday, November 21, 2008

History of Electronic Music

Anyone who has chatted to me about music probably knows that I started enjoying music from a young age. It started to become more important when I discovered heavy metal (thanks to a big sister playing tapes very loudly). I then became interested in electronic music (thanks to the Chart Show and it's various charts on Saturday mornings) which led me to taking unwanted bits of consumer electronics from skips and playing with the parts whilst drooling over a book (bible?) by Dr. Ronald Pellegrino and listening to records from Belfast's Central Library.

I know that there are a few who follow the links I post here so if you share my love of electronic sound you may be interested in the following.

The Tone Generation. - A series of twelve, half-hour-long programmes. Each focusing on a country or device that had a significant contribution to the history and/or development of electronic music.

Electrolight - A series of six, half-hour-long programmes. Each focusing on a different decade. programme one starts with the 1950's (WARNING - contains seductive sonovox).

Thanks to the contributors to the Microsound mailing list who brought these to my attention.

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