Thursday, October 02, 2008

Beautiful Listening Experiences I Haven't Had. Yet.

Every so often I come across interesting projects when researching the artists records I am trying to review. Sometimes they are accompanied by media in the form of pictures, video and/or audio clips. Little digital samples to allow a taste: tease.

Some things I find give some form of useful information, and leave me dying to know more. An example here: Audiopint. This looks like it has a world of potential.

Another link that was a joy to find was 'Invent Music'. It took a few extra clicks for me to find the media I wanted. This made me want to have one of my own. How much fun would it be?


Photos from Soul Ambition - 'Kick Up The Arts' @ Blick

Heavy Trash @ The King's Head

More Ecker.

A very interesting instrument on the street the other day. A cross between a gramophone and a violin. If only I had thought about recording the rather unique tone it had. Pretty on the ears and eyes.

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Blogger Balsche Atrium said...

I saw that fella too and wished I could record his rinky ditties.

I asked him what he called the instrument and he just smiled and kid of shrugged - great man.

4:48 PM  

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