Friday, June 13, 2008

In Circulation...

A BEW remix of Ex-Magician's "Plan Retrieval" finished. You can hear it on his player.

Another BEW remix of Soviet Kings should be ready soon...

BEW gigs on the horizon: plenty of freebies, thanks to Diston and their difficult & fun to find picnics. Also the Belfast Trans festival have booked me to play alongside RL/VL and Skibunny. Should be fun.

Set list for the dj set at a friend's BBQ...

Add N to (X) - Metal Fingers in My Body
Aphex Twin - Acrid Avid Jam Shred
Piano Overlord - You Stole My Stereo Outro (Fuck You For Fucking)
I Changed My Mind - Quannuum Feat. Lyrics Born
One Note Samba (Surfboard) - Stereolab
Fade Out - King Tubby
Electric Rainbow - DJ Elephant Power
Comets - Fridge
Metro Sound - Blue States (Four Tet remix)
Mote - Sonic Youth
Woodcat - Tunng
Feel Good - Jamie Lidell (BEW remix)
Pop Shots - Ol Dirty
Vatstep DSP - Hrvatski
Under Me Slang Teng - Wayne Smith
Sexx Laws - Beck (Malibou Mix)
The Model - Zoot Woman
Little Eyes - Yo La Tengo
Sponsorships - Les Georges Lenningrad
Rodeo - Les Savy Fav
Thou SHalt Always Kill - Dan Le Sac and Scroobius Pip (Kinfehandchop remix)
Scatterbrain - Radiohead (Four Tet remix)
Scenic World - Beirut
Baby Cakes - Intro - Brad Neely
French Disko - Stereolab
Drive - Bobby Mc>Ferrin
Silence - Portishead
Get a Move On - Mr Scruff
Street Lullaby - Two Banks of Four (Four Tet remix)
Alloy Mental - Alloy Mental (Si Begg remix)
Freq-a-zoid - Freq-a-zoid
77 and rising - Fisk Industries
Bombardment of Saturn - Vex'd
Iron Man - Armour
The Judgement - Benga and Skream
Gave Dub - Boxcutter
Fuck Shit Up - Dub Narcotic Soundsystem
You Got Me Up - Jamie Lidell
Vicious - Lou Reed
Ysbeidiau Heulog - SFA
Era Vulgaris - QOTSA
Soviet Kings - Wiggle (BEW remix)
The Crystal Cat - Dan Deacon

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