Friday, May 30, 2008

Museum Night

Museum Night. Every museum in the city was open to the public for free. Would this work back in Northern Ireland I wonder? Would people be interested? Would there be enough of a turnout of people to justify the staff working late into the evening? Would it only work if there was free alcohol to entice them? maybe if there was some 'nice house music' to make it appear trendy? I wonder how it would pan out...

In Brno all the galleries were packed with people of all ages. Some slightly less charitable types speculated this might be because Czech people can't say no to a freebie, I'd like to believe that it's because they enjoy culture. I'm naive and hopeful that way though.

I managed to visit several galleries; the three different parts of Moravske Gallerie, the museum of Romany culture, and also DŮM UMĚNÍ MĚSTA BRNA (and some other less remarkable sites not worth typing about)

These videos were taken at the museum of Romany culture. A one-of-a-kind exhibition space. It's apparantly having problems securing funding and may become a thing of the past. Sad news.

The whole evening was very close to an overload, but as an experiment to find how many houses of culture I could take in in one evening it was worth testing myself - apparantly I have more of hunger than some of my friends...

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Late night Thursdays. Just beginning, but it's a start.

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