Monday, May 26, 2008

Break 4 Beats, Heavy Metal.

It's been quite a busy time of late. Lots of fun things to do, lots of work and no time to make posts about any of it. So I'll go back in time a little and mention some of the events I think are of note.

Break 4 Beats Open Air Party at Riviera Brno. 16/05/08 stage
20.00 - Gabanna

21.30 - Beast 67

23.00 - Krust

00.30 - Roni Size + Dynamite MC

02.00 - Sound Weapon (Fresh + MC Ivory)

03.00 - Mampi Swift

04.30 - Sayko
06.00 - end

I worked throughout all the above with occassional short breaks to fetch drinks.

Second End/Eagleheart/Svatý Pluk - Faval 22/05/08

Heavy metal night. I was joined by Adam to go and se one of my students bands. It's been quite a while since i've been to see a full on rock act. This was a welcome reminder of what i had been missing, with the addition of a rather curious choir type ensemble as an opening act:

Second End

Svatý Pluk

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