Tuesday, May 06, 2008

BEW - Dubs ep

ACP020 BEW - Dubs EP

"Made on a laptop. Extra instruments: trombone, melodica, clarinet, french horn, fretless bass, plate, crisp packets, table, clay bells, radio, kaoss pad, field recordings.

Special thanks to: Mark for playing trombone on Gwan dub, Sandra for lending me her melodica, Gerald for lending me his bass, Phil for some drum machine samples, Sophie for her patience and artwork, and whoever left a pair of old radios in a bin for me." Barry C

1. Word Up Dub
2. Gwan Dub 180 (feat. Mark Knight)
3. Audiobulb Dub
4. Glock Dub
5. Gwan Dub 150 tech

Download the full EP for free from http://www.acroplane.org


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