Thursday, May 01, 2008


ČANKIŠOU (prounounced like chunky-show) are the type of band that would usually scar me off giving them a proper chance. I heard about them from several work colleagues who were enthusiastic to go to their album launvh party in Brno, and I took their enthusiasm as a positive for the band. I'm glad I didn't bother looking at their myspace nor read their English presskit as I probably would have been scared off by the inclusion of terms like 'world music'.

So I went to the show delightfully ignorant about the band. I heard an array of instruments, and saw a large band of people who could play their instruments really well. There was a number of video cameras feeding into the visuals and dancers and UV lights to highlight the dancers costumes.

Altogether it was quite an impressive show, I was happy I made the effort to go and see them, but I had the feeling that I wouldn't listen to this music at home, th lead vocalist having a tendency to warble in a way that veers close mystical chanting that doesn't do much for me (this says more about my lack of understanding of this particular style of singing and it's history than it does abot his ability to sing in this style).

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