Thursday, April 17, 2008

Electric Bazar CIE

First time at Alterna club last night. This odd band were from France (sponsored by the Alliance Francaise on their poster) and after a chat i found out they are from Britanny (the same part of France as my co-blogger Sophie).
Their music is a strange blend of styles and instrumentation. A surf/rockabilly electric guitar, a chugging/country acoustic guitar, stomping blues drums, stereotypical french accordian with surprising disco/soul electric parts (have you ever seen an electric accordian? If you have, imagine it played through a Marshall amp) and some gypsy/folk (bass) clarinet, alto sax, double bass, mandolin and fiddle.

Although this may sound like an awful experiemnt to some I enjoyed it a lot. And I was clearly not on my own - the club had plenty of other enthusiastic dancers happily clapping their hands ad swinging wildly.

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