Monday, December 10, 2007

Nicky and Barry and Prof. E Alvarado - New York 2007

I hacked together a short video from things I recorded whilst in New York this March with Nicky Keogh. The audio is from a Minidisc recorded during an extended improvisation in Central Park. The (very Lo-Res) video is from various locations around the city.

Nicky and I had the film we made with New-York legend Professor Edwardo Alvorado at the last Vis-onic Festival. I found that he has several fans online. This blogger has even more love for him than I.

It was a joy to meet and work with him. There are a few fuzzy snaps of him in action with his dancing dolls in the video posted above. Our afternoon together was unforgettable for me. I wonder if he remembers us and our attempts to get our machines to make music along with him?

The Prof, hard at work, yesterday...

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Blogger * said...

I am the "blogger" who loves professor alvarado - i have his business card hanging up on my wall, right in front of me!
your blog is awesome
lets be friends!!

9:53 PM  

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