Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I went to Fleda for a dose of electronic media on Saturday night. Good times were had with good sounds and great company.

First I heard the strange, dense and head-spinning tones of Slovak duo JAMKA. I had a chance to chat with them and my old friend from Machine Funck (Stop Look Listen, Prague) too.

I also enjoyed the soft and dreamy tones of Tujiko Noriko, who put me into a blissful swaying state. Indeed; music to drift away to.

I also managed to meet her, and unfortunately couldn't help myself from asking for a fanboy photo. She was a very friendly woman and obliged.

Other fine electronic music makers doing the rounds that night included MURCOF and CLICK JOE. Murcof is well known for his mixing of minimal orchestral elements with electronic sounds. Click Joe uses a simliar approach, but doesn't seem to get the critics raving despite using a similarly sparse palette.

As I already said: goodtimes.

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