Sunday, September 16, 2007

National Noise Day!

I made a five track EP by editing some material on my HD. I had recorded between an hour and two hours of my preparation for the show in the Golden Thread Gallery. I then cut up the resulting stream of audio to make these short tracks.

I was looking for someone who might be interested in releaing such a collection of noise as the one I just finished. Whilst surfing I found a website dedicated to National Noise Day. Happy days.

I found the following particularly useful/funny
(from the Infos/Tips link on the site):

1/ buy a megaphone and use it at all times you have to talk ie; in shops, on the phone, whilst making love and ordering pizza
2/ Slaughter Psytrancers and record the sound on your phone play in a loop
3/ Buy a numatic drill off ebay .. there expeensive but an essential in any studio
4/ buy mr noisy by roger hargreaves and address the public whilst dressed as a town cryer
5/ Eat custerd whilst listerning to death metal/white noise with a trout o your head
6/ Arrange a pneumatic jamboree
7/ Purchase 178367 piezo plates from maplins and place them around the whole of your house then link them to a few patch bays plug it into your stereo and then call the police and say there is a bomb in your house and then turn up the stero full wait till they run in and start searching the house and it will make a nice clanky chaotic noise!
8/ sandpaper down all your mum and dads records and then ask em to play you there old records
9/ email steve >
10/ tie a carry cot to the back of your motorbike and drive it round mothercare
11/ visit a barn egg farm and abortuar mic them up via a feedback pedal set to full. mix the signals together and broadcast over a stack of 50 hornmassive horns
12/ get your brother or sisters cd collection and ocver them in yogert leave it for a few days and the mold will create fractal pattern on damage on the cd .. then try playing them
13/ mix decan blues greatest hits with sophie ellis bextor

All good stuff I'm sure you'll agree.
Please get in touch (comments sectopn)if you want to hear my last noise creation, I'll post you a file of mp3s asap. I called it "Feedback and Noise". Probably to be the first in a series.

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Blogger hannah said...

HI barry
it's hannah
just read your post and think this is a good idea for making noise:

Colonel Sellers proposes a "grand adaptation of the phonograph to marine service": "You store up profanity in it for use at sea . . . a ship can't afford a hundred mates; but she can afford a hundred Cursing Phonographs. . . . Imagine a big storm, and a hundred of my machines all cursing away at once -- splendid spectacle, splendid!--you couldn't hear yourself think. Ship goes through that storm perfectly serene -- she's just as safe as if she'd been on shore."

hope you and soph are well
i'd like to hear your stuff
take care x

7:09 PM  

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