Tuesday, March 27, 2007

bew update + hammock district

Had a good voyage over to New York - met up with Phil 'Weakling and King' Porter in Dublin on the way, sounds like the new Dry County album is ready for release. The previews I've heard are very good. Find a copy and listen yourself.
The performances in New York were ace. The indoor show at SHARE.dj had a great atmosphere and was an excellent place to start a week of music making. Working with Nicky Keogh and his bin disco and handmade synths again.With everything loaded up on the trollies we got plenty of looks and questions from interrested/inquisitive/nosey/scared people. We made a noisey nuisance of ourselves, and had no trouble whatsoever (apart from lacking axel grease which we solved with a chicken drumstick).In other news, had offers of playing summer festivals, and my first show in Prague. goodtimes TBC.

Also the project I stated with Anne Sophie Cocault in 2005 has a few tracks online. Try out Hammock District. I think I'll make a dedicated myspace soon - the tracks on last.fm are fair demo quality to whet your appetite though.

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