Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Translucent Knees

Many years ago Phil Porter and I made a number of tracks together around the time we were playing in a band called 'Devious Minds'. These tracks were quite unlinke anything we had made together before. Freshly armed with an Everett (Hammond - style) organ, a Peavy Deuce amplifier, and some other gear we made the most of our free time and made a lot of noise.

When it came to mixing down this material we came up with the name 'the Translucent Knees'. We played one show in the Rosetta Bar in Belfast and left it at that.

We played in various other bands, moved around from town to city to country and kept in touch.

Late in December 2005 we got together and made music again. In the space of two days the core elements of seven songs were made. Phil took these elements and made a fantastic five track EP which he called 'Spectac-a-matic'.

I got this CD and was wowed by how the demos we made had morphed into a pro-sounding record. I got the disc and made a dodgy video to go along with one of my favourite tracks.

I was travelling between Kielce and Krakow to be with my partner whilst studying, and decided to record some of the snowy scenery. I shot a few bits out of the back window of the end carriage, I edited it, reversed it, sped it up. This is the end result.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good work Barry,

Great video, great tune... Just what I needed this morning.

1:51 PM  
Blogger Jochen said...

Pretty effective video, Barry...I hope to see more in the future...

6:43 PM  

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