Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Gigs and all that jazz - holiday fashion...

Big smiles here as we're on holiday. Not jet-setting off for distant shores (yet) but enjoying a little time off from the day job. Good times.The holiday kicked off with a gig in Fleda. Itch My HaHaHa was buzzing. Plenty of electronic sounds of all varieties. Smooth and rough. Turntables were spinning, beatboxers popping, laptop jockeys clicking, MCs spitting, party-goers gyrating. Good times indeed.Close friend (ceramic/pottery workshop man) Conal Mac was over for a visit for few days and the weekend was a tasty, lazy, slurpy, haze. One cafe blending into the next as we floated from one eatery to another. We treated ourselves to plenty of Czech and Slovak specialities, and doubtlessly our waistlines show it.Monday evening we went to Stara Pekarna following a tip from Sophie's art teacher Andrea. We were pleasantly suprised by the Oles-Jorgenmann Oles Trio. Two brothers doing drum and bass with an ace grade clarinet player.Modern and challenging, their mastery of their instruments was impressive and the sounds were dizzying. Spectral sweeps and cacophonous waves of sound. Not for the faint hearted, pitched at those who prefer their jazz served hot. Hot and angular. Hot, angular, and breath-taking.

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