Saturday, November 18, 2006

NewNew festival 2006

Thursday night was a lot of fun. NewNew was off to a great start.
The soundmen got all the equipment soundchecked really quickly and there were no problems even with a language barrier. I was in a small room with Player One (UK) and Isobutane (SL).

In the main room were rechenzentrum , namosh, Candie Hank, Midi Lidi. Liger were supposed to be performing, as were The Greatest Hits Collective but unfortunately I didn't catch any evidence of them playing, but I do know that some of them were in attendence. They were not missed too badly though as all the sets I caught (a little wandering to and fro was needed) were super quality.

i will have to get a whole bunch of new records as my head is now spinning after a great night full of fancy tones.

I think that everyone I met that night had a super time, there were lots of dancers, but slightly more beard-strokers. This may have been in part due to the fact that there was a seminar given on Ableton. At least it wasn't a total geek-fest. In between hit-and-run attacks by hairy young men crawling up the side of the stage to see what hardware and software was being used and abused there were bobbing silhouettes and nodding heads.

A big shout out to Abdul, who was busting moves with a disturbing amount of energy. Respect to your free-form expression. Keep it real.

I think this facial expression worn by Mark really sums up how I felt about the show though.

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Blogger Robin said...

Yeah there was some ridiculus rumour that we were meant to be playing other people's records that night.

We played the following night.

sorry to dissappoint.

quality performance from Dodgy stereo if I do say so. Miwon said he was well impressed with your performance. :D



p.s. playing a gig on saturday at fleda if you's are in Brno... it's a avant garde underground fashion event apparently, sounds a wee bit dodgy but I'm sure it won't be.

10:46 AM  

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