Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Shout-out to some further info on the dodgy stereo team...

Recieved a note from Tom over at this site.
A nice review, which is appreciated - especially as none of the dodgy stereo crew has been pushing the name hard at any journalists of late.

For any out there who read (care?), here's a little run down of some info that may help define what's happening/happened.

Dodgy Stereo is the name of a little collective.We were making music on our own, or in groups with lots of personnel cross-over. We put out compilation tapes, and played gigs together, practiced using a shared pool of instruments etc.

We were all based in a little village/suburb outside Belfast, and so used to be very active, but that was years ago, and the core trio now live in different cities.

Phil is Weakling and King/Queen, and Strong Like Ox. He's also been in several bands, such as Kidd Dynamo, Cecil's Flea Circus, Devious Minds, the Translucent Knees, the P.C.Bs and is presently in Dry County. Based in Dublin.

Colin is Kidd Dynamo - either a solo singer-songwriter, or playing in a band. Also one of the P.C.Bs. Based in New York.

Barry is b.e.w (barry's electric workshop). I've also played in Cecil's Flea Circus, S'gottabomb, Devious Minds, the Translucent Knees, the P.C.Bs, and the Clone Quartet. Based in Brno.
We all keep in touch with each other, occasionally giving each other a hand when recording and (re/de)mixing each others projects.

Each person is still making music, and using the dodgy stereo name. We're planning a web-site to publish free downloads of our latest discs and older demos.

I doubt a showcase is likely in the short term.
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