Monday, September 04, 2006

Barry's electric workshop - Fisherman's Friend

Another weekend, another gig. Saturday evening between 9 and 10.30 a short dj set of chilled electronica in the Black Box in Belfast. The name of the evenings event was 'Fisherman's Friend'.
I was playing alongside Steven Hackett of Factotum press. A thoroughly good evening was had.

Si-cut Db and Full Swing - Octavia Drive
Christopher Willits - Evergreen
Si-cut Db and Full Swing - Cond Verge
Caribou - Cardiff
Komet Vs Bovine Life - Behind
Komet Vs Bovine Life - Kom
Caribou - the snow capes
Boxcutter - Sunshine
Dntel - fear of Corners
Buffalo Daughter - Dr Mooooog
Caribou - Sun Sesame
Stereolab - Subtropic Tanje mix
Psapp - Curuncula
Mice parade - 2 nights wave
Dntel - Fireworks
caribou - Handelschnapp
Boxcutter - Brood
Ruari Lazers - Dec 24th
Matmos - Solo Buttons for Joe Meek
Battles - Fantasy
Murcof - Mir
310 - Shadow Traffic
Icarus - Skate Glug
Efterklang - Step Aside
randomNumber - track 04
Onion Radio News - ham murderer

I recorded the set - anyone interested can mail me for a cd or really large mp3.
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