Wednesday, August 30, 2006

barry's electric workshop - b.e.w. - bew - noise - music - vj - sound and light - dancing - black box

Saturday was started with a long lay-in followed by cooked breakfast. Perfect re-charging of batteries and watching Futurama DVDs. This was an essential start to the day as the rest of the weekend was to be long, late, and full of lager.

Was good to meet-up with Phil Porter to start the night. We talked about our plans for dodgy stereo's future. A proper web-space with a series of free album downloads from our vaults will be under way soon. we started in the Spring and Airbrake, then went to Skibunny in Auntie Annies to collect a copy of the Sherman Explosion's 'Shermania' album. After catching up with JTL and Greg the 'Jupiter Ace' (pictured below) we went to Mc Hugh's for Radio K.on our way to martin Corrigan's latest night club project we had time to make a little tribute to the original photo shoot used for the Translucent Knees.

We then met up with a Dan Todd (cashier No.9, Corrigan, Alloy Mental) and went partying.

A good time was had. The sunrise was blurry.
date - Sunday the 27.08.'06
venue - Black Box
location - Belfast
event - Filthy Madonna

Here are a few photos of the show.I spent about two and a half hours behind the tables loaded with noise making/altering electronics. I started out playing to a room with two people listening to me make slowly mutating washes of noise.

I had got the synths to make some patterns that would sit beside each other, running at different pitches and tempos which would roll around one another making a tonal backdrop that would never quite loop.To these I added sounds from two different feedback loops with effects, a damaged Electro Harmonix 'Small Stone' box that was making siren style noises, and the Kaoss Pad. All of these sounds were fed into a mini mixer that then went into a pair of delay units to add and blend extra modulation and depth to the sounds. all of this was fed into the mono "Bin Disco" soundsystem.Seamus Hanrahan spent about the same amount of time using a video camera and a mixer to blend live footage of the event with some pre-made cassettes.
As the evening went on the little room filled up with people celebrating a birthday party, and others who were just interested in noise (the large room being quite a 'tame/civilised' affair - as reported to me). I adjusted the settings on the synths without looking and added some more echo. The result was quite different from the starting point. I managed to get a dub-like music. I then added some drum loops and things got banging.

By the end of the evening there were dancers. Quite a feat as it usually isn't my primary aim. i was happy, and those bopping around the room seemed happy too. Mission accomplished. back to the workshops for beers afterwards. Sloppy grins. Goodtimes.
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