Monday, June 19, 2006

Travel and change and recording and relaxing

So I have moved out of the flat in Kielce. Heavy bags, and many donations of objects that had to be left behind. (Books, CDs, food and clothes)
The last night in Poland was chilled and a little on the emotional side.
No tears, but a little part of me was sad.
I took some final photos of friends before departing, and tied up the dodgy stereo and double hockey sticks production with Josh Kingdom, and that was a good full stop to that chapter of my life.

I have not ruled out the possibility of returning there in the future.

Katowice was slightly less depressing than the last visit, but even though the weather was great there was plenty of young junkies looking half dead on the street. A down to Earth gravity you don't face everyday in Kielce.

I arrived in Paris with relatively little hassle at the airports (I am now pretty good at packing my bags in a way to minimise the time wasted as I have them gone through by folks who are suspicious of microphones and musical instruments) and then went to see a world cup match in the Indian district in a little bar called 'le cyclope'.

Good to see the Parisian connections again.
There's a chance another show will be played there this year. Fingers crossed...

Now out in Brittany having a quiet time by the sea. Plenty of time to read and listen to music.
Started a new tune with my friend Arno (ex-Callahan's Bullitt; who I remixed a few years ago) and the sound is quite pleasing. A sort of droning post-rock feel to the first track. I think we'll have more time to expand on it over the next fortnight - nothing planned - just meet when possible and hit the record button, and see what we can capture... that's what I call a good holiday...
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