Monday, May 22, 2006

Kielce has a good gig shocker

Random roaming around the city yesterday made for a really good day.
The weather was as beautiful as it has been over the last month - around 20degrees C. Strolling around led us to an old quarry, with an ampitheatre built into it. There was some old Communist sculpture on a hill, and some crazy caves to scoot around.

The day got better as we made a plan to go to the old prison to take some photos. Having been told it had been the site for the extermination of everyday people that the old Reds didn't approve of sounded like an inspiringly heavy loaction to check out.

We never got there.

Half way through the park the cameras batteries decided to calf. We walked towards the jail, but heard a suitably catchy dose of sub-bass (sound check). Turning our heads showed us that there was a live reggae band playing in a very odd and quite fancy looking little cafe. We quickly got in touch with some others, grabbed a bite to eat and went to give it a go.

A nine-piece reggae band with drums, bass, dual guitars, trumpet, trombone, keys, male and female vocals, were shaking things up in a real nice style. This Polish outfit were called "Bakshish", and have apparantly been on the scene for 25 years! They sounded so good, and got the crowd worked up good. So we skanked about, broke a sweat, grinned our faces off, and then went for more beers afterwards.

Good times.

We did end up swimming down the streets on our way home once it was all done, but a great weekend was had, with many pit-stops and late mornings. If only it were like this all the time? I guess the spirit of making the most of it before it's gone is what is propelling us along at the moment. And that's not a bad spirit to roll with as long as the company is good, I guess.

Still haven't got a job for next September though, so this partying will have to be balanced out with more work-hunting. Will see if the other folks we were with got some photos of the band, and get 'em posted if I can.
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