Thursday, May 18, 2006

Jean MIchelle Krakow

Went to Krakow over the weekend to se a few friends from the old CELTA course. Spent a little too much time in the bars (Ĺ‚ubu dubu particularly?!?) but it was all good.

\As i often do when I am out and about, I took control of Sophie's camera, and snapped away at each and every stencil i could lay the lens upon.

After a couple of little jaunts around the country I am fairly sure when I say that Warsaw was the stencil capital. But all little cities and towns ghave plenty of stickers, graffiti and tags all over the place.

All of the images I've decided to add here today have a slight music association to them. The turntable is quite a standard image, the symbol of vinyl, and credibility. Then there is the biohazard symbol, which has been adopted by several anti-capitalist groups. Then there is the Exploited "let's start a war" image which was found beside a large scrawl declaring "punk zone". And a rather odd image which seems to echo the front cover of Sigur Ros' debut, and advertising a web-site.
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