Friday, May 05, 2006

Hell and back.

So Soph and I went to Hel. A small penincula at the North coast, by the Baltic sea. Good times. Not much in the line of stencils while I was there, but a couple turned up. Here I've posted what I've noticed are either by really big discovery channel fans, or what I believe is termed "guerilla advertising", all part of what might be termed a "street campaign" carried out by people no doubt referred to as a "street team".

I have eaten some of the tastiest fish I've ever experienced, and had a very short week at work, and travelled to parts I never thought I'd have the time or money to visit. I strolled along the coast at Hel, walked the beaches at ChaŁupy and oggled amber in GdĄnsk.

In other news, I managed to get the site to host some new tunes and images which didn't seem to cause me large amnounts of grief and stres, which is nice for a change. If only life were like that all the time.

Currently enjoying the fact that have a fine collection of mp3's for free. Go there. Enjoy the static blast of Pimmon, or the guitar textures of Christopher Willit. Time well spent.
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