Wednesday, April 19, 2006

more pix and "stencil graffiti" or "street art" by "dodgy stereo"

I referred to a logo in my last post which had turned up at the edges of several of the stencils I had seen and snapped.

This is a close up of said image.

A little like a gang of windmills?

A trio of fancy dynamic crucifixes?

Something else altogether?

I have tried to post a selection of some different images here and at the dodgy stereo flickr account, where there is quite a little gallery building up. I have as posted in my own comments box a few links to other sites i have found whilst searching for "Grupa Relaks". It would seem there is quite a bit of the web devoted to their activities and their peers. And I must say that some of the "works" are "art" and others just seem to be "doodles".

I am looking forward to having more time to research this and I'm hoping to find that the "art" outnumbers the "doodles".

As I remarked in my last post i was unsure how possible it would be to get in touchg with the people who were making these public marks. But after finding the small collection of links I have a renewed feeling of possibilites.

As you can see from the image above, the political content of some of the images is quite overt, the others that I haven't translated, are still quite magical and threatening to me.

Will I find that I am hosting left or right wing propoganda on my blog, does it matter?
The fact is I don't think anyone reads this, and it's just a nice gallery for me to gaze at and use to put some kind of sequence of events down in another format than my usual ink on paper routine.

Stream of conciousness rambling, and a bit of scrap-book style image posting.
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Blogger radioguitar said...

I feel I must inform you that this blog does have readers.

2:04 PM  
Blogger dodgystereo said...

link from Ryan "Ordinary Days"

oh and Hi Mr. CA.

what big hands you've got.

all the better to (blank) you with?

3:23 PM  

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