Wednesday, April 26, 2006

"dodgy stereo" "barry's electric workshop" "electro music" "stencil graffiti"

So the other day I decided to start up yet another installment in the "dark wheeze" series. I was initially just making an ep's worth of moody electro, but I'm starting to feel like there could be a whole albums worth of material to be produced.

I actually surprised my self by deciding to write some lyrics the other day. I'm not sure exactly where that came from, but after looking at them, they had a kind of "diary of a disgruntled sod" vibe to them. I decided to try to put them down on top of an audio doodle i had created the previous week, and decided that it was kind of fun, in a murky way.

This audio doodle was of course later found to be a little on the sparse side. I (being the type who often prefers his tones to be dense) then decided to take the audio for a ramble, and compressed the lot, and chucked a whole heap of stretches and twists to the mix to create a pleasingly hectic re-arrangement. So from an initial two-note loop, I now have two short and contrasting mini compositions. I like it when the end results can be so different from such similar starting points. It reminds me of Chinese Whispers or something like that...

I've decided to put these two nuggets of audio online for a short time to see what sort of feedback I get. If you have had a listen, please drop me a line to let me know what you think. Positives and negatives welcomed.

Go visit for a listen...

More "stencil graffiti" or "street art" photos up at the dodgystereo flickr account too.

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