Thursday, October 25, 2012

Photo Ballads - Caroline Pugh 251012

I'll be bending videos of photos with old electronic CCTV tech: grabbing loops on a laptop, treating audio tapes and making a bit of a noise in a sounding session with Caroline Pugh and Paul Stapleton at the Photo Ballads event as part of Belfast Festival (50th year anniversary apparantly).

Exclusively for Belfast Festival at Queens, Caroline Pugh is joined by improviser and Californian instrument inventor Paul Stapleton and local electronic/experimental producer Barry Cullen to make an extravaganza of noise, video and song.
Together they re-purpose ageing technologies, sounds and graphics along with folk song fragments to make new and unusual performances. Songs will be sampled live and layered using analogue cassette recorders and modified electronics.
And in the time it takes to reinvent a song, Caroline exposes and develops a pinhole photograph in front of the audience.

Listen on Caroline's website
Caroline has been given the Arts Council Northern Ireland ACES award for 2012.

Images from a friend on FB who took photos of a newspaper.

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