Monday, April 16, 2012

FET Booster / Vox Tonebender Tribute

Another two circuits I found online - tweaked to have the dodgy kind of character I like.

FET Booster
This is based on Donald Tillman's circuit (read his article, "An FET Preamp Cable"). I tried four different FETs before choosing the one which produced the most interesting grit when cranked up full.

Vox Tonebender Tribute 1
Based on a layout by Richard Boop. I've tried a variety of PNPs; they're socketed as I haven't settled on a pair yet. They're all producing bright, high gain, silicon fuzz so far, which I like. The original specified germanium transistors (SFT363/SFT337).

I changed capacitor values from the originals a little on each build. I've played them through two different practice amps and they both do different jobs. The FET booster is good for clipped rhythm work and the Tonebender does heavy riffs and solo wailing well.

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