Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bew - Demolition Mix

Here is one of the mixes I put together to be played on set of a film about demolishing a house along with live oscillators through a dirty portable soundsystem.

I made noise.
Crew shot film.
The building was demolished.

Nothing sounds quite like a bath being thrown through a door.


eden Final
Track 3 dufond
Track 1 Aln Vs Cln
Track 2 Aln Vs Cln
Track 3 Aln Vs Cln
Fashion 500 Brainiac
For My Beloved Brainiac
Ilaf Tsmu Poo
Track 13 dufond
Kyoro Xinli Supreme
Jabpunplusone Sagan
Mandolin Work (edit) Leafcutter John
The Disappearing Act Gerritt & John Weisse
Densit├ęs Alma Fury
Plus De Lumieres Alma Fury
Live at Emoson (Bourges) 23.oct.99
Alma Fury, Otomo Yoshihide, Otani Yasuhiro
X for O No.1 Xavier Charles
X for O No.2 Xavier Charles
X.O.O.X Xavier Charles & Otomo Yoshihide
Radio Brabant No.7 Xavier Charles
Radio Brabant No.8 Xavier Charles
Track 1-6 The Lost Cocks
Track 7-9 Nuclear Night
a1 animals with wheels bew remix
a2 animals with wheels bew remix

+ Various sound effects records

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