Thursday, March 03, 2011

Interactive Media & Environment Master Class

Next week I'm going to a 'Interactive Media & Environment Master Class' in Dublin. The promo bumpf reads well, an almost perfect day out for me! Cut 'n' paste follows:

When: Wednesday 16th of March
Where: Hosted by Moxie Studio
Lead by: Benjamin Gaulon
Bring your own laptop (Mac, Pc or Linux)

During this Master class participants will become familiar with basic hardware and software design while at the same time gaining hands-on experience making interactive art projects, digital art performances, installations, interactive events using moving images and sound.

The workshop covers the basis of Physical Computing[1] using Arduino[2] and Pure Data[3]. Participants will be able to control sound and visuals in Pure Data using a variety of Sensors (distance sensor, light sensor, temperature sensor, potentiometer, etc..). Each participant will have use of a starter kit (Arduino, bread boards, basic tools and sensors) for the day.

This initial class can be follow by groups or individual follow-up sessions to help participants complete a personal project or expand their knowledge in specific areas.

This Master Class is open to participants of different backgrounds and no programming or electronic experience is required.

It looks pretty fabulous, doesn't it? I am looking forward to it a lot and hope that it'll inspire and inform new directions for future projects and directions to spend my energy. After talking to many FLOSS / Arduino enthusiasts it's about time I got around to learning about this.

I think it's time to read that little book that's been neglected on my shelf for a few months...

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