Saturday, August 21, 2010

10 x bleep Boxes = 30 x DIY Oscillators

I've finished building 10 x Bleep Boxes in VHS cassette tape boxes.

As you can see from the photo, each synth uses two boxes.

Opening one lets you access the controls, opening the other lets you access the battery and circuit.

The following combinations of horror titles were used:

Deranged + Braindead
Night of the Living Dead + City of the Living Dead
The Brood + The Fly
Night of the Living Dead + Day of the Dead
The Evil Dead + Evil Dead II
Demons + Demons 2
Day of the Dead + Dawn of the Dead
Scanners + Shivers
Zombie Creeping Flesh + Zombie Flesh Eaters
The Last House on the Left + The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

4 x bleep boxes = 12 DIY oscillators droning

10 x bleep boxes = 30 DIY oscillators droning

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Anonymous matt said...

Barry... this is fooking brilliant

12:27 PM  

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