Friday, April 09, 2010

Digital Economy Bill

The Digital Economy Bill. You might have heard of it, it probably affects you (I'm assuming this as I'm only publishing this online) even if you're not into politics or computers. A handful of UK politicians held a debate on it.

There are moments of hilarity (the extended Star Wars metaphor brought a smile to my face) and some sober discussion and some hyperbole, and some strategic distancing from the complex issues at stake, but I think this link is essential viewing for those who want to use the web as a part of their life and/or business in the UK in the future - what we have had up to now is going to change. That change may upset your ability to continue doing what you have done up to now.

I mentioned distancing. Rightly so.

"I am tempted to leave this until the new government is elected"

No need to rush this bill through. Even the politicians are saying so...


Take it onboard and get creative - some people have.

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