Thursday, March 26, 2009

Joseph Beuys - Sonne Statt Reagan (1982)

The name Joseph Bueys would occassionally pop in in conversation when I attended art college. More often than not, when I heard names being bandied around by others with some reverence in their reference, I would jot the name down and do a little reading at a later point (how many hopped up trips to the library did I make in my first year?)

Anything I read about him disapointed a bit, it didn't set my mind on fire in the way I hoped it would, such was the level of admiration for the man's words and work. Do't get me wrong; I found his work interesting, but I still don't feel it justifies the giddy fanboy gushing that some of my colleagues indulged in. Maybe I just don't get it.

I hope if any of my old peers read this they enjoy this Beuys oddity from Ubu.

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