Wednesday, November 26, 2008

PPL - Fair Play


If you're a musician and are not familiar with this organisation go to their site. Read everything that you can. Register with them if you want.

The reason I mention them today is that they have a video on their site (i was sent the link through a confidential e-mail) which touches on an issue that was also mentioned a few weeks ago at NI Music's "Music: It's the Business" seminar/lecture (specifically during the speech/monologue by Feargal Sharkey).

Basicly the UK is doing things a little differently to every other country in the EU.

Have a look/listen. If you are involved in the creative industries what do you think? Is this the direction you would like to go in? Will you loose or gain from this? Is there an alternative? Just because everyone else in the EU is doing something else, should the UK follow suit? The US is doing something else also; is their way better or worse?

Are they to be seen as a bunch of old skool players trying to protect their future, or dinosaurs squirming in the face of extinction?

As someone who has only ever had minimal financial gain from years working in and around the industry, I can't tell if the current situation is going to change how I currently relate to creative work (mostly I try to get either food, drink and/or transport covered for gigs. If I'm lucky, I might get all three, or a few pounds to spend. All my AV equipment is paid for by my day job, ebay luck and skips).

There's a chance that if those that give me tokens or thanks, 'sharing the crumbs from their table' are affected it will have a knock on effect. I'm guessing fewer morsels to go round for all involved.

The PPL have the video linked to fair play. Has the music industry ever been 'fair'?

I'm always keen to hear attitudes and opinions about the future of the creative industries. Interesting times ahead.

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