Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Top 10 NI Songs

I was asked to draw up a list of what I thought were the top ten songs from Northern Ireland over the last year.

I'm not crazy about lists etc. I think I've become tired by them, but sometimes they're great for condensing a lot of information into a digestable chunk, so I went for it, but including the following with my submission,
"I'm not sure if I can really support the idea that one song is better than another , so I'll just give you
the names of ten tracks from Northern Ireland from the last year that I've really enjoyed.
In no particular order:

Filaria - Bruce Lee Perry
Defcon - Knock Knock
War Iron - Anglegrinder
Cashier no. 9 - 42 West Avenue
Shameless Hussies - Driven To Distraction
Exmagician - Way Out
David Holmes - I Heard Wonders
Skibunny - Aahooh
AJ Suzuki - Jumpstart
T-Polar - Black Vest Bumpy

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