Friday, August 22, 2008

Workshops and Music Education

A few years ago I completed a course on Community Music for Practitioners. I learnt a lot. Over the year the class shared information about music and approaches to sharing creative skills in workshops. On completing the course I delivered workshops about laptop-based music production, DJing, writing, and digital imaging.

I am interested in returning to this area of work (particularly audio-visual projects) and I found some interesting things whilst googling the topic.

A page like Soundjunction is great for finding easy to digest info. on a range of music-related topics. It's perfect as a reference for beginner students, and will provide info for those interested in non-western instruments as well as those who want to read about double bass and bassoon.

Another welcome find this morning was a series of photos on building, "a small barril drum from raw planks of wood". It looks like such an enjoyable group work activity that I want to try. A pity there aren't more words of instruction to accompany the images.

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