Friday, August 08, 2008

Consistantly Chasing the Trail...

Usually I try to keep this blog dedicated to the recordings and performances of artists connected to the Dodgy Stereo collective, on occassion I like to refer to other things that help inform my creative process.

Un/fortunately I have a full time job (fortunate, because I have some steady income in our crazy times. Unfortunate, as I would prefer to be able to spend more time working on more creative things) and so I can't dedicate all my time to refining and developing the audio visual work which is the main output of Dodgy Stereo projects.

This leads to me being behind the times a lot. Thankfully, I have never felt the need to be on the pulse, prefering to find information from (quasi)random link clicking. Sometimes this leads me to being totally unaware of scenes until after they have erupted and burnt out. This isn't a problem. Other times I find that I have missed a workshop, lecture or performance, and I have to just deal with whatever documentary evidence is left behind (print, audio, online reports).

Today's example is Dorkbot 3#.

The link leads to a great little video, which I can't embed here. If you are interested in the practices of; recycling, hacking, bending, subverting hardware, and enjoying play, you ought to tune in to this talk, even if it is over a year old.


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