Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Music on Film - Film on Music

Last night I went to see Control (2007 Anton Corbijn). A black and white film about Ian Curtis of Joy Division based on the book by his wife Debbie. A touching biopic, created with affection for the subject matter, without over sentimentalising or trivialising the narrative.

This was the first film I made it to in the Brno leg of the international festival of music films called 'Music on Film - Film on Music'. unfortunately due to my work schedule I will miss many of the screenings, but I intend to go and see Metallica - Some Kind of Monster (a film to be taken seriously in the words of radiohead's Colin Greenwood)on Friday. Good times.

In other news I'll be vjing for Dieselboy at Fleda this weekend. Another Break 4 Beats party; so you can expect a long night full of high-tempo beats and large helpings of bass to bounce to.

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