Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Artist 2.0


Most of the readers of this blog are probably pretty media-savvy and have plenty of experience with curating an online identity. I know a few are involved in creative industries in some shape or form.

This article may be of interest to to you.

After reading I thought the most interesting pieces mentioned were the references to;
managing yourself,
being responsable to your audience/staying true to yourself,
censoring yourself.

Not being able to dedicate myself to my music full-time I found some of the stories interesting and informative, giving suggestions as to how to make the most of the technology I have at my disposal.
Managing yourself is what everyone starting out does and has done for a very long time. I think that the ability to be flexible and know how to manage your time is essential, as is the willingness to talk to people about what you do.

The relationship between the artist and audience is one that fascinates me. In a way the problems with communication between someone on stage and the people who pay attention to them is similar to those who are together holding a conversation (obvious differences include who directs the discourse by means of installing or removing barriers to two way communication). The politics of presentation and how we maintain credibility in the eyes of our peers are fairly universal in these situations.

As for placing restraints on what you do or don't say in certain situations; isn't that what we do all the time? Subconsciously editing our thoughts and choosing which to express out loud in public?

So; Artist 2.0...valid?

Is it possible to have a successful music career without the support of 'old' media? If so can everyone do it, or is this only for a few who have "the mental discipline of a ninja"?

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