Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Soph's brother Jean-Mi visited for Easter, had a quiet time in Brno, then knocked it up a notch in Prague. Excellent food. Tasty beer. A feast for the eyes and ears too.Had the pleasure to visit two interesting exhibitions, one very artistc - Orbis Pictus the other more political and historical - Museum of Communism. Orbis Pictus featured a collection of sculptural instruments and audio-visual instalations. The museum of communism was good as an introduction to the political history of the czech Republic. In addition to this we managed to view all manner of odd architecture and I snapped plenty of graffiti and stencils, and Soph snapped pretty doors and dodgy intercoms.
We managed to find the Cross club too, and spent a few hours there drinking chatting and dancing. I was looking forward to playing there. This has been upgraded to REALLY looking forward to playing there.

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