Wednesday, February 07, 2007

BEW - Dark Wheeze EP

bew dark wheeze ep (acp004)

I sent Iso 9 of a few tracks I made last year and he's happily released them on his web-label. The link above leads to individual tracks or a ZIP of them all. I gave them some info on the making of the tracks and they put together the following as a press release.

Barry has been recording music and playing shows for years as part of the DODGY STEREO collective. He played in various bands and then started djing, remixing, and doing visuals at clubs. Namedropping hits include audio/visual support for: Liars, Four Tet, Surgeon and Regis, Buck 65, Le Fly Pan Am, les Georges Leningrad, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Boxcutter, the Alphabet Set, Filaria, Jupiter Ace, Wolf Eyes plus various shows at festivals in Belfast (Illegal Picnic), Paris (Les Eschafodages), Venice (Bienalle), Dublin (Project Arts Centre hosts Factotum) and Brno (NewNew festival).

The Dark Wheeze EP started from a collection of samples he took from a feedback loop from his mixer and some noises from an old radio when he moved to Poland in 2006. The tracks are not pure electronics as acoustic soundsources were added; a few blasts of vocal, guitar and some clarinet. They're quite heavily treated though, to fit with the sharp raw electronic sounds that got the project going.

Fusing elements of dubstep, breaks, electro, dark ambience and God knows what else in his own inimitable style, this is a fine addition to the discography of one of Belfast electronica's leading lights.

Grab it from the releases section.
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