Monday, August 07, 2006

Filthy Madonna

Well it's good to be back.
The family are well and there are plenty of interesting people to catch up with and chew the fat with. (I don't think I ate any of your B-B-Q food Neil, but thanks for having me around to your place!).

So far I've managed to see some passable but unremarkable blues rock covers band thanks to the 'Knights of the Round Table' and their regular nights entertainment (I preferred playing pool with my brother and Gary). But I also managed to stumble across a more engaging evenings live entertainment.
I found the 'Black Box' venue near the 'Duke of York', and was surprised to see a 'far-out' video being screened. 'Sugar' was the title. Funded by the Arts Council of Ireland I thought it was interesting, infuriating, curious, dark, scarey, rotten and engaging.

The lack of narative made it very difficult to watch at times, but maybe something (like dialogue?!?) occured in the first moments which made the hour or so I saw difficult to follow. Whatever the film was about, I may have missed out, but I did enjoy the soundtrack by J.G Thirlwell. Hiss, pop, scratch, crackle, hum, and buzz.

I felt rather inspired. If this sort of material is hosted at this club in this venue, I should hopefully find some receptive ears for the show there at the end of the month.

I found after a chat to one of the Factotum crew that my performance with Nicky and his toys/noise generators wil be part of this club - good times.

Well after the film the singer songwriter Robyn G. Shields played a while. He was then joined by a piano player, and a guitar player, and then a full band. Rocking stuff.

Not all of the show was to my taste (I was still dreaming about how I would approach the performance with Nicky later...) but when the band were locked on it was rather spectacular. I had seen Robyn's rockers before as the Corrigan band, and was sad to hear that some of the notes Robyn's previous rockers (the Dessert Hearts) used to play were missing.

A quick chat settled that this was artistic liscence. And tht I shouldn't grumble.
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