Wednesday, August 16, 2006

barry's electric workshop and nicky keogh's handmade analogue synthesisers

Went over to the Laurence Street Workshops the other night. Had a chance to familiarise myself with the signal generators made by Belfast based sculptor Nicky Keogh. Random parping. Modulating drones. Bloops and fizzing aplenty. Good times.

Here's what they looked like back then. i have had a phone call to say that they have been modified since then to add further potential glitchy goodness.

Although not all the details are set in stone as of yet (I believe someone somewhere is making a flyer?!? I'll try to publish it here if I get sent a copy) there is a chance that we'll not be performing in the main room of the Black Box but in a smaller side room. This may mean that we'll have a chance to use the 'Bin Disco' soundsystem.

Since then there has also been an offer to play at an illicit outdoor shindig this weekend. Details are probably available from the in-crowd at's just hope the weather holds out without getting too soggy, walking through fields carrying electronics is always a weary feeling (on the way home after the adrenalin of a fun show has worn off)
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