Sunday, April 02, 2006

Started taking photos of things in the streets of Kielce. Noted that there are quite a few bits of stencil graffiti on the walls near my flat.

I decided to take some snaps.

Some can be found over at flickr.

Remixes of Kidd Dynamo's "Different Flights of Stairs" by Phil "Weakling and King" Porter, and Barry "barry's electric workshop (b.e.w)" Cullen. to be published at shortly. I have tried to upload the files for the last three days in a row with no joy. Will try again later.
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Blogger EAL-NI said...

love that shot!!
the kind that'd look righlty flattered on a large print, in a small frame, or printed on a t-shirt or bag or stuff like that...
you're hip, man!!!

10:45 PM  

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