Friday, April 07, 2006

Spring is in the air...

So the weather is getting better all the time. Almost like a normal Spring here. Still managing to surprise me with the occasional burst of snow - but then the novelty of that will fade, I'm sure.

Finding plenty of little bars - and realising that there are plenty of people who can speak English, and will do so, and not act like they hate you for it.

The cynic in me says they are students that just want free practice sessions. But i'm happy that they are into giving it a try as opposed to beating me to a pulp for being a foreigner as some reporters have mentioned the Right-wingers here having a bit of a xenophobic streak. which i actually experienced the other night. A student in a bar told me that they were so happy to be a white European as it made life easier. I couldn't argue with that not having experienced any other view point. But then to be told that black people are scarey, and that they made her nervous. That creeped me out a bit. I noted that there was something in her face that suggested that I was supposwed to agree...

Conversation dried up.

On another note altogether; saw a poster for a few bands playing in Kielce. Quite a rarity. maybe take the time to go see 'em. In brackets below the band name was "death-core". Which i don't think I can say I have experienced before. I am wondering if it is a good idea to go to such a show when i have to get up at 7a.m before going to work the next day...

More photos od stencil graffiti up on flicfkr.

Hopefully the chopped-off remix of Kid Dynamo have been fixed.

Fresh audio to be posted pretty soon, as the "Dark Wheeze" series of recording starts to get into shape.

Added to "the Song that never ends" exhibition.

check that.
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