Tuesday, April 11, 2006

..and so on and on it rolls...

I have thought and talked with others about the last post i made. Some may considder it to be excessively negative. And that may be true. I feel that it could be read as quite a sweeping generalisation, and maybe worse a damnation of a nation that I admittedly need to learn a lot about.

I have arranged to go out with more of my students. Hoping to find more varieties of personalities. This is essential for me to learn a little more about the city i live in, and to gather more points of view, as they se them, so that I will not have too slim a referrence regarding what I think of the people who live in this country.

I have decided to read a lot more. Having found some interesting (although no totally up to date) articles on Eurozine. Time to learn, as per usual.

On another note it is nearly Easter, and as all good Catholics know, it's time to get your eggs out. Poland has plenty of pretty coloured little eggy-weggs and chocolates for christ on display at shops all around town.

What Soph found the other day wqas this little treasure. An edible bread like a lamb. Quite new to me. And a pleasant little addition to Easter festivities for sure. Lamb of God. Bread of god. Lamb of bread. Whatever. I don't know what the name is in Polish, but i thought a picture of it was essential.

Happy easter?

Got a small holiday to look forward to. My parents and brother will come over to Warsaw for a visit, and I'll spend the weekend with them. So more photos of shops like the 555 i hope, as I lost most of the photos of odd shopsigns that I took the last time I was there.
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